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Yamaha NS-IW760 Natural Sound 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System





Need to have a speaker that you can mount to the wall? The Yamaha NS-IW760 Natural Sound 2-Way In-Wall Speaker System is for you. This speaker comes with dual 6.5-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter, ensuring clear audio across the signal spectrum. This speaker mounts flush and require no floor space. In addition, the frame and grille may be painted to complement any decor.

Flush Mounting

This in-wall speaker mounts flush. Free up floor space with no loss of quality.

1.0-inch Tweeter

The 1.0-inch tweeter provides an optimum listening environment. Enjoy the full range of your home theater system without

distortion at high frequencies.

6.5-inch Dual Woofers

This speaker has dual 6.5-inch woofers that deliver an outstanding punch. Crank up the bass!

Paintable Grille

If you need to match this speaker to the color of your wall or ceiling, don’t worry. It comes with a detachable, paintable grille.

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