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Display Port Male to DVI-D Female Adapter





DP (DisplayPort) Male to DVI-D Female Adapter (Single-Link)
DisplayPort is the newest digital display interface standard introduced by VESA. The format supports both digital video and audio. Here’s a simple solution for connecting your DisplayPort equipment devices using DVI-D cables to your existing DVI devices. This simple adapter is all you need to convert from one format to the other.

• Max. Supported Resolution – 1920×1200 (250MHz)

• Supports 1080p (1920×1080) resolution.

Note: This is a passive adapter. While DisplayPort connectors are capable of passing a DVI signal, DisplayPort and DVI signals are basically different and not compatible with each other. This adapter does not actively convert a DisplayPort signal into a DVI signal. In order for this adapter to function properly, you must have a DisplayPort source device capable of producing and passing out a DVI signal through the DisplayPort jack.

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